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I've been looking for awhile now and I can only find a few but even the. I'm not sure if they are in Russian. I really want this book because it. download Metro (in Russian) by Gluhovskij Dmitrij (ISBN: ) from site's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Metro (in Russian) [Gluhovskij Dmitrij] on *FREE* In Russian. Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers.

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Metro 2033 Book Russian

Metro (Russian Language Edition) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Metro (Russian: Метро ) is a post-apocalyptic fiction novel by Russian author Metro russian book front Original Russian. Murancha (Russian: Муранча) is a novel that is part of the Universe of Metro , a long-running Certainly one of the best in the Universe of Metro Although there is currently no English version of the book, Murancha has been.

And then I read the book and had no doubts. That's because, despite the strange title, this is a strong and suggestive novel. Certainly one of the best in the Universe of Metro Unlike the others. Passionate, and on top of that dark and lyrical. All of this refers to a breed of mutants. Most of the book's action takes place within the tunnels of the Rostov metro.

If they lose, then the chief would make them shovel manure for a year on the Paveletskaya -Ring. Unfortunately, Mark's rat loses the bet, and Artyom and Mark are sentenced to a one year term of shovelling manure.

After five days of latrine-cleaning, Artyom manages to escape the station and heads into an unknown tunnel.

After wandering for some time he sits down, contemplating whether to continue his journey. He is approached by a strange man in a robe, named Brother Timothy, who offers to take him to the Watchtower. The Watchtower seemed to be a monastery of sorts and offers Artyom shelter.

Artyom eventually tires of the fundamentalist teachings about God, escapes the station, and again begins his journey to Polis. After entering Serphukhovskaya and briefly checking his direction, Artyom again dives into the darkness of the tunnels.

Artyom arrives at Polyanka and overhears a discussion about Metro-2 , a mysterious subway system meant to connect major government buildings in the case of disaster. Artyom sits and talks with these men for quite some time, and finally hears something he needed to hear: But if you make the right decision, then the things that happen to you are no longer just random events".

This inspires Artyom, and he resumes his trek to Polis, and finally arrives there.

He is welcomed by the guard's commander and informs the man that he has a message for Melnik. He is told to wait a day, and he does just that, spending his time exploring Polis. During this time, he meets a young man and local 'Brahmin', Daniel. As it turns out, Daniel is well informed of Polis affairs and even has information on Artyom's next mission: Artyom wakes up the next day, and eventually finds a stalker.

This stalker is Melnik, and he asks Artyom for whatever message he is carrying. Melnik informs Artyom that there is a council meeting that day, to discuss the situation outside of Polis.

After the hearing, the council determines that there is no way that they could assist VDNKh in their fight against the dark ones. Fortunately, after, a sect of the Polis Council offers to help Artyom, and send him to the Great Library on the the surface - the very air of which is deadly. The four head to the surface and get to the library with no problems, but things go downhill quickly. They disturb several librarians , forcing Melnik and his partner, Ten, to stay behind so Artyom and Daniel can progress further through the library.

Daniel is unfortunately killed by a librarian, and Artyom returns to Melnik with one thing; a map, taken from the dead Brahmin's body, to a legendary location named D The task is daunting, to say the least, but Artyom makes his way across the surface, encountering various creatures and hardly making it to the station, only to be rescued at the last second. It is here that Artyom and Melnik formulate their plan to help VDNKh, by discovering the entrance to D-6 and launching pre-war missiles on the lair of the dark ones.

They begin their journey by travelling to Kievskaya , a mysterious station where people disappear under mysterious circumstances. Melnik makes inquiries about a certain Tretyak, and afterwards, they go on a patrol with the security commander, Anton. They discuss several things, namely the strange disappearances of the station's residents, and the conditions of the adjacent station, Park Pobedy.

The tunnel leading to Park Pobedy was collapsed, and there is no way in or out. Artyom then discovers that Anton was a former member of the RVA. They then return to the station, and meet Tretyak, another "missile man".

As Artyom has no passport, Melnik and Tretyak venture to Mayakovskaya to look for an entrance to D After one night, Artyom receives a message from Melnik telling him that Tretyak had been killed and that he would be back to the station in a day.

During that time, however, Oleg , Anton's child, disappears. Anton is devastated, but Artyom finds the child's music-maker next to a previously unseen hatch in the tunnel's ceiling, and the duo takes it to what seems to be Park Pobedy. They are both knocked unconscious by savage cannibals of the Great Worm Cult and taken hostage.

There, they discover that Park Pobedy's residents are alive, but terribly deformed, and completely brainwashed. They worship a strange deity, eschew technology and have turned to cannibalism. About to feast on Anton and Artyom, things seem grim, but much to the duo's fortune, Melnik and a team of stalkers enter the station with highly advanced weaponry and ballistic shields. They rescue Anton, Oleg and Artyom, exit Park Pobedy along with two cannibal hostages a clansman and one of their High Priests , and begin the final part of their journey to D The clansman goes insane when the high priest who lived before the war reveals that the Great Worm is made up, and Melnik is forced to kill him.

Metro (in Russian): Gluhovskij Dmitrij: Books

They pass through a station containing drawings of the Great Worm - the High Priest refuses to go on, claiming he is afraid of what is in the Kremlin. He commits suicide, sticking himself with a poison blow dart he was concealing.

The group move on and reach the station under the Kremlin. The group cower on top of an abandoned train. The entity seems to be drawing them towards it.

Dmitry Glukhovsky, METRO 2033

To combat it, Melnik gets them to sing songs, but a Stalker calmly walks into it and is devoured. Then, Oleg jumps in - as soon as he does, Anton regains consciousness and goes into a rage over his son's death. Melnik orders the group to throw the flamethrower into the mass and he fires on it.

It explodes and drives the mass away. Anton, having fallen into depression, glumly says he will help launch the missiles.

An unabridged interview with Metro 2033 author Dmitri Glukhovsky

The group leave the cursed station. After arriving at D6, the group splits up: Artyom and a soldier named Ulman are to travel to the surface and designate the lair of the dark ones for the missile strike while Melnik, Anton, and the other soldiers head to the command centre to activate the missile launchers. What associations does the word "metro" bring up for you?


How is a metro different from a subway if at all? If you have any experiene of underground public transit, how does it differ from what this book suggests about the Moscow metro?

Post-apocalyptic scenario aside. How old will Glukhovsky be in ? Even if you don't play video games, or haven't played this one, what elements of the story as it opens would seem to make it adaptable to a video game?

What elements of Russian culture are conveyed in the book? Pay attention to gender and racial as well as political alignments.

Universe of Metro 2033 (Book Series)

How does bringing political parties into the post-apocalyptic scenario as Glukhovsky does allow potential commentary on the current situation if not another example of "Aesopian" commentary on matters too close to home to be discussed openly? What is the effect of so many characters being known by nicknames rather than by name? Artyom spends his time on patrol in the tunnels and working in the mushroom factories. Artyom meets a man named Hunter, who is looking for Sukhoi.

The three meet and discuss the situation in VDNKh. VDNKh is facing increasing attacks from mysterious creatures known as The Dark Ones, who inspire terror throughout the station. Hunter leaves, but asks to speak to Artyom.

Artyom confesses that 10 years earlier, he and his friend went to the surface at the neighbouring station, Botanical Gardens. They were unable to seal the exit after their visit and the Dark Ones have been using this entrance to the metro ever since.