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Christine May Just, download a pdf file from google site. I seldom read books like this but since I like Alex Gonzaga, I tried reading her book to see what she. Download pdf book by Alex Gonzaga - Free eBooks. Best Book Deals & Free PDF Download Dear Alex, Break Na Kami. Date of release. I just bought this book kasi sumunod sa uso lang hehehe, I heard kasi its a good book daw and of course I like Alex Gonzaga and I'm.

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Alex Gonzaga Book Pdf File

Dear Alex, We're Dating. Love, Catherine [Alex Gonzaga] on Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction. Last month, I had an amazing opportunity to collaborate with the team behind the book of Alex Gonzaga, “Dear Alex, Break na Kami. Pano?!. CATHERINE. GONZAGA. PDF File: Dear Alex Break Na Kami Paano Love Catherine Gonzaga. 1 Laser SurgeryPill Book Guide To Natural MedicinesPirate.

This is the question that bothers the minds of brokenhearted people. I know a lot of people had experience or experiencing this kind of feeling, even I! So, I know how painful it is to be in this situation. When I was in the National Bookstore, I somehow feel compelled to turn and look at this book. The title catches me. But as I started reading the book after downloading it, the words of Alex Gonzaga catches me even more. I must say that I can see the light of hope when I finished the book.

Besides, it's just Php in National Bookstores. What I learned from the book? It was like I was reminded of what I have done in the past to become who I am today - strong, happy and independent lady. But there's also two things that Alex Gonzaga reminded me of: 1 Relationship with God 2 Delete the pictures of the past relationships.

ConclusionSome teenagers label this book as "Break up Survival Book" but for me, it's more than that.

It's not just to help heart broken people know how to move on but it's an encouragement for them to embrace the process of moving on; that's okay to cry, feel pain, etc because it's a part of it.

I know, and as Alex stated in the book too, that we all have our own ways how to move on. But the things she wrote in the book are the basics.

Some of her advises might not work for you but eventually, you'll find your own solutions. I believe we know ourselves better than anyone else so we will know what will or how we will help ourselves cope with the situation.

I have so many favorite lines in her book but this is my top favorite: "Life goes on as it should. Love, Catherine Advertising. And I know that it will also tap your heart. Do you want me to give some examples?

Let go of your fears. Face the future God has prepared for you. Somewhere out there someone is also waiting and praying for your arrival. Guys want women who can handle themselves with or without them. How will you regain your self-worth? Get out of the relationship.

Tandaan: Walang namamatay sa heartache! Sa ulcer meron, kaya please lang, kumain ka! Insecurities will eat you up. So, I suggest you eat your insecurities and poopoo them. More power! Jan 18, Marla Tabelina rated it it was amazing. Sabi ko na, maaga kong matatapos ang book na to.

Hindi ka magsisisi kapag binili mo 'tong book na 'to, this book has advices para sa mga broken hearted at single. Though, hindi ko pa naexperience na mabroken hearted, pero at least meron na akong idea on how to cope up when the time comes. Tama nga si ate niya, may matutunan ka sa book ni Alex, hindi lang to puro advices meron ding mga activites.

Sep 10, Ja Comia rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Oct 02, Paola rated it really liked it Shelves: For a Tagalog book which I don't read.

Break Na Kami. Paano?!

It made me think of my previous relationships. It made me laugh with all the puns and all the real life events.

I never thought that the ever so bubbly Alex Gonzaga could deliver. She did well on her debut book. Although there were slow parts but it picked up along the way.

Dec 14, Aly rated it it was amazing. Jan 29, Luan Lucas rated it it was amazing. Ang librong sinulat specifically for me The young Alex was me.

The older Alex is so me! Highly recommended hindi lang sa mga brokenhearted, nagmo-move on, at nagle-let go kung hindi pati na rin sa mga gusto ng light reads. Kudos to Catherine for this book. Jan 14, Madel dela Cruz rated it it was amazing. A must read book! It will really help those brokenhearted. Madaming matututunan sa libro na 'to. Mar 27, Angelie Astrero added it. Nov 26, Fatima rated it really liked it. Hindi ko ineexpect 'yung advices ni Alex. Iba din 'yung impact na binigay niya sakin.

Feb 28, Yna Fempia Paez rated it it was amazing. This book just about convinced me to sin reviewer style. But since I have the dignity of pasteurized milk abhorring bacteria, I cannot, would not, put to good use the words of others who went before me a.

For this reason, I shall do my best to be courteous and polite and point out what is only good, with the optimism of fish being fried. For those who know me, I am sure to be met with cynicism upon fi This book just about convinced me to sin reviewer style. For those who know me, I am sure to be met with cynicism upon finding out that I lifted even a single page of a book of this genre. Who would expect, of all people, that I would be reading this. Well first and foremost, I picked it up for the following reasons: The book is pink.

Para sa mga single na, single pa , single by choice at di matanggap na single sila. To show support to local authors and publishers. So although I cannot relate to most of the lessons spread all over this book, I did learn more than a thing or two as was promised me. One that would make you grin once in a while. Alex has good humor. You just have to love a funny person. There were just some eyebrow-raising incidents that could not have been avoided Cynical I tell you.

Break Na Kami. Paano?!

Apparently since it is my first book of this genre , it has also validated my intolerance for its kind. Books that revolve around one focal point: I do commend though the chapters geared towards acceptance. This being incorporated with the concept of spirituality gives off a lifting kind of feeling. I have never felt more enlightened in my life than in times when I read beautiful Bible verses that are just so in the moment!

The way she incorporated faith into this genre is encouraging and not preachy at the very least. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Dear Alex Break Na Kami Pdf Download by mohatortua - Issuu

The smell though. Local books smell quite strongly. It makes me dizzy. And I did save the Strongstagram playlist in Spotify.

Let's see how hugot this would feel. Jun 18, Chi rated it it was amazing. My Favorite lines from the book: You fall in love because you're ready. Pero kung kumuha ka ng walis-winalis at inilagay mo sa dustpan at itinapon mo eh hindi ka pa nagkasugat. If the relationship is over, don't try to revive or fix it right away.

Kasi magkakasugat ka My Favorite lines from the book: Kasi magkakasugat ka lang. Dadami lang yung sugat mo. Bibigat lang yung pain mo. Di ka makaka-advance o move forward hangga't di mo inaaccept na break na kayo. And before you know it, ang happiness mo ngayon eh maaaring mawala kaagad bukas.

Kaya, aim for joy kasi kahit anong challenge ang ibato sayo ng life, you will still be cool, calm, and collected kasi matibay from within. But what's important is that you find joy, and joy is a precious gift. When you have this joy within you, no one and nothing can take that way—not even a douche bag, player, coward or pervert! I should be the one being chased not the one chasing. Somewhere in the book, I feel my self depreciate. Because I've been the one wh "It's true what they say, happiness is a choice.

Because I've been the one who effort much and who give much but take almost nothing and it's fine with me, which is wrong. And at some point I stop and think, 'Oh, guys want mystery, but I am not mysterious. But then again, someone out there will love me for who I am. So I'll just wait for the Lord to say it's time for me to meet him. Love yourself first. Enjoy being single. Make the best out of it.

The One will come along when it is the time. Be patient.

He will come. Aug 07, Patrizz rated it really liked it.

This book made me applaude Alex more aside from her witty attitude. I am so proud of her,and I didn't realize that she went to 3 breakups yet she remains strong and strives to move forward. This book was so uplifting and motivational,though I didn't read it 'cause I'm suffering through heartbreak or whatsoever,it gave me insights and lessons on what I should do if I myself encounter a breakup,which luckily?

I haven't experience yet. I also want to thank my blockmate who let me borrow her copy. Now I This book made me applaude Alex more aside from her witty attitude. Now I want the second book and see what's in store. Jan 28, Jo rated it did not like it Shelves: Jan 29, Aejhoy rated it really liked it. I liked it. This book is so informative, helpful, and practical. It taught me how really important to love and find joy within yourself first. Being single is okay because you have a lot of time and space to discover yourself more.

Nov 15, Ayla Perez rated it really liked it. I seldom read books like this but since I like Alex Gonzaga, I tried reading her book to see what she was like as a writer.